Technical Rider


ARRIVAL TIME:Two hours prior to opening the house.


STAGE REQUIREMENTS: Standard concert set-up. Stage should be swept clean and cleared of all equipment, debris, etc., prior to ARTIST’S arrival.

Number of people performing on stage: 8

*Stage dimensions of 16’ deep and 24’ wide are preferred. The ensemble prefers to set up immediately behind the main curtain. However, once the show begins and the curtain opens, four of the artists may move forward to perform just in front of the curtain line.
*ARTIST will use the venue’s Clear Com communications systems where available.
*Two (2) cafeteria type tables for props and/or storage available in both wings.
*One (1) 4’ x 5’ rug for the drummer.
*One (1) backless bar stool, approximately 36” high with a padded seat or equivalent for the bassist.
*One (1) AC outlet at the bassist’s location.
*Backdrop:If a choice of backdrops exists, a black traveler or backdrop would be the most appropriate. In some instances, if a cyclorama exists, a color wash such as deep blue with some “breakups” on it might be appropriate. Please check with the ARTIST upon initial contact. If a Grand curtain exists, the curtain should be “closed” as the house is open.

PIANO REQUIREMENTS: One nine-foot (9′) Steinway concert grand piano is preferred, in excellent condition, to be tuned to “A-440” on the morning of performance and an adjustable piano bench. Any other “excellent” concert grand should be acceptable. See stage plot for placement.

AUDIO REQUIREMENTS: ARTIST will not provide audio equipment. ARTIST will use “Venue” audio system, which should include appropriate and professional audio console, power amps, equalizers, speakers, and monitors for venue dimensions.

*16 channel or greater front of house console is optimal.
*One (1) vocal microphone (SM 58 wired or wireless) on a boom stand.
*Four (4) instrument mics (SM58 or equivalent) on boom stands.
*One (1) or two (2) appropriate piano microphones.
*Two (2) XLR lines: one for bassist and one downstage near the lip of the stage.
*Four (4) monitor wedges are preferred.
*Four (4) monitor mixes are preferred. If only 2 mixes available, split the mixes stage left and right.

LIGHTING REQUIREMENTS: Good concert lighting is required. Usually a general color stage wash with an overhead and “front of house” electric suffices.

*Standard theatrical or concert lighting capable of dimming is preferred.
*A lighting “special” for the soloists would work very nicely with some “color” added.
*A follow spot would be nice if available, but not required.
*A program order will be provided on the day of the performance which will include the exact musical
selections and lighting cues required for the show. To pre-set gels and light board, please refer to
following general pre-concert settings which are used throughout the show:
o #1-Maximum bright stage . . . . . . . . .(For fast tempo selections)
o #2-Medium warm wash look . . .(For medium tempo selections)
o #3-Bluish, “night club effect” . . . . . .(For ballads and slow blues)
o #4-Red . . . . . . . . . . . . . .(For ballads. Can be substituted for #3)
o #5-Red/Blue mix . . . .(Medium tempo songs, specialty numbers)

LOCAL CREW REQUIREMENTS: A “knowledgeable” venue representative should be available to open doors approximately 2 hours prior to opening the house.

* A Lighting board operator should be there to make sure the lighting focus suffices and to operate the show.
*An Audio Engineer is required.
*A Follow Spot Operator if a follow spot is available.

DRESSING ROOM REQUIREMENTS: Two (2) private dressing rooms with easy access to the stage, furnished with chairs, tables, and clothes rack. The dressing room should have access to a private bathroom (for ARTIST only) with hot and cold running water.

HOSPITALITY: ARTIST requests a hospitality of hot food, cold fruit juices, cold soft drinks and water approximately 1-1 ½hours before show time. Please verify this with the ARTIST during the initial contact conversation.

RECEPTIONS: The ARTIST will be happy to attend receptions depending upon the travel schedule. Please clear all receptions in advance with the representative of the tour upon initial contact.

MERCHANDISE: The ARTIST will have merchandise for sale. Presenter agrees to provide table(s) and volunteer(s) to sell merchandise before the concert, at intermission, and after the concert. The Artist willprovide cash and bank.

COMPLIMENTARY TICKETS: Local presenter agrees to hold fourteen seats for use by ARTIST. If there is ANY type of gate split related to fee, no complimentary tickets will be given out without permission by ARTIST.